Recent Ph.D. Graduates

A graduate degree in physics prepares one for a variety of different career paths, from academia to government and the private sector, where problem-solving and quantitative skills are in demand.

Recent graduates include:


Artem Akpoyan, "Low-Temperature Spin Seebeck Effect in the Helimagnetic Insulator Cu(2)OSeO(3)," Advisor: Dr. Joshua Cohn

Xi Chen, "Random Phase Modulation of Stationary Light Fields with Applications in Biophotonics," Advisor: Dr. Olga Korotkova

Matthew Haddad, "Geometrical Actions on Tubelike Submanifolds and Topological Defects in Anti de Sitter Space," Advisor: Dr. Orlando Alvarez

Andrey Lazopulo, "Decoding the Sleep Homeostat Architecture", Advisor: Dr. Sheyum Syed

Jia Li, "Design of Random and Stationary Sources and Media for Structuring Light on Propagation and Scattering," Advisor: Dr. Olga Korotkova

Bing Qiao, "Applications of Machine Learning on Behavioral Studies in Drosophila Melanogaster," Advisor: Dr. Sheyum Syed

Minzhang Zheng, "Extremes in Complex Systems," Advisor: Dr. Neil Johnson


Zhenfeng Cao, "Aspects of Extreme Behavior in Complex Adaptive Systems and Networks", Advisor: Dr. Neil Johnson

Stanislav Lazopulo, "A Time-Dependent Color Preference in Adult Drosophila ", Advisor: Dr. Sheyum Syed

Saeed Moshfeghyeganeh, "Anisotropic Transport Properties of Low-Dimensional Molybdenum Bronzes", Advisor: Dr. Joshua Cohn


Chenyuan Li, "A Video-Tracking Method to Identify and Understand Circadian Patterns in Drosophila Grooming", Advisor: Dr. Sheyum Syed

Tomykkutty Velliyedathu, "An Investigation of the Cosmic Diffuse X-ray Background", Advisor: Dr. Massimiliano Galeazzi

Chunguang Wang, "Topics in Bethe Ansatz", Advisor: Dr. Rafael Nepomechie


Pedro Manrique-Charry, "Topics in Complexity: From Physical to Life Science Systems", Advisor: Dr. Neil Johnson


Rodrigo Delgadillo, "Cloud and Aerosol Optics by Polarized Micro Pulse Lidar and Ground Based Measurements of Zenith Radiance", Advisor: Dr. Kenneth Voss

Narayan Prasai, "Spin-phonon Coupling and Magnetic Heat Transport in Low-dimensional Quantum Antiferromagnets", Advisor: Dr. Joshua Cohn

Yu Yue, "Charge Extraction in Photosynthetic Systems", Advisor: Dr. Fulin Zuo

Youaraj Uprety, "X-ray Emission from the Local Hot Bubble and Solar Wind Charge Exchange", Advisor: Dr. Massimiliano Galeazzi


Nathan Farwell, "Optical Beam Propagation in Oceanic Turbulence", Advisor: Dr. Olga Korotkova


Shubhendu Nandi, "A Study of Microtubule Dipole Lattices", Advisor: Dr.’s Neil Johnson and Joshua Cohn

Tong Zhisong, "Weak Scattering of Scalar and Electromagnetic Random Fields", Advisor: Dr. Olga Korotkova

Krishna P Prasai, "Properties of Holmium Implanted Gold Films and Yttrium Silicide to use as Absorbers in Microcalorimeters for a Holmium Neutrino Mass Experiment", Advisor: Dr. Massimiliano Galeazzi


Rudra Aryal, "Comparison of Near Surface and Column-integrated Atmospheric Aerosol Optical Properties", Advisor: Dr. Kenneth Voss

Jaejin Lee, "Numerical Study of Three Dimensional Low Magnetic Reynolds Number Hypersonic Magnetohydrodynamic Flows", Advisor: Dr. Manuel Huerta

Raul Monsalve, "Calibrations and Observations With the QUIET Radiotelescope", Advisor: Dr. Joshua Gundersen

Serkan Sahin, "The Design of a Polarimeter and its Use for the Study of the Variation of Downwelling Polarized Radiance Distribution With Depth in the Ocean ", Advisor: Dr. Olga Korotkova

Nicholas Thomas, "The Balloon-borne Large Aperture Submillimeter Telescope and its Rebirth as a Polarimeter", Advisor: Dr. Joshua Gundersen

Jin Xiang, "Topics in Elementary Particle Physics", Advisor: Dr. Thomas Curthright

Guannan Zhao, "Empirical and Theoretical Analysis of Complex Systems", Advisor: Dr. Neil Johnson

Jonathan D Armstrong, "Data Analysis and Double Pulse Detection for the MARE Experiment", Advisor: Dr. Massimiliano Galeazzi


Andrey Beylin, "Supersymmetric Landau Models ", Advisor: Dr. Alexandru L. Mezincescu

Purushottam Bhandari, "The Design of a Polarimeter and its Use for the Study of the Variation of Downwelling Polarized Radiance Distribution With Depth in the Ocean ", Advisor: Dr. Kenneth Voss

Zhenyuan Zhao, "Dynamical Grouping in Complex Systems", Advisor: Dr. Neil Johnson


Andrzej Veitia-Perez, "Local Entanglement Generation in Two-qubit Systems", Advisor: Dr. Thomas Curtright

Mustafa Sarisaman,"Target Space Pseudoduality in Supersymmetric Sigma Models on Symmetric Spaces", Advisor: Dr. Orlando Alvarez


Daniela F. Bogorin, "Superconducting iridium thin films as transition edge sensors", Advisor: Dr. Massimiliano Galeazzi. Current position: Post Doctoral Associate, Univ. of Pittsburgh (Prof. Jeremy Levy).

Anjali Gupta, "The Study of Diffuse Soft X-Ray Background", Advisor: Dr. Massimiliano Galeazzi.

Krishna Neupane, "Studies of the Insulator-Metal Transition in La(1-x)CaxMnO3 and Thin-Film Growth of Nd0.2Sr0.8MnO3"Advisor: Dr. Joshua Cohn


Corneliu Ciorescu, " Transport Studies of Lightly Electron-Doped Manganese Oxides", Advisor: Dr. Joshua Cohn.

Rajan Murgan, "Bethe ansatz and open spin-1/2 XXZ quantum spin chain", Advisor: Dr. Rafael Nepomechie.

Blazej Ruszcycki, "Target Space Duality with Tachyon and Dilaton Fields", Advisor: Dr. Orlando Alvarez.

Hengsong Zhang, "Excess noise in the superconducting transition of tin films"Advisor: Dr. Fulin Zuo.