Consideration is given to applicants who have a B.S. degree in physics (or related field) with a minimum undergraduate GPA of B. Submission of Graduate Record Examination (general and subject GRE) scores is recommended, but not required, with the application for admission. Applicants from non-English-speaking countries must demonstrate proficiency in English via the TOEFL or IELTS test, even if they have previously taken courses in the US. The minimum TOEFL score for admission is 80 in the internet-based test, or equivalent (550 in the paper-based test and 213 in the computer-based one). The minimum IELTS score is 6.5.

Application deadline for the Fall Semester is February 1st. Application for financial aid is automatic and does not require any additional document on the part of the applicant. The only accepted form of application is online through the Graduate School web page. In addition to excellence in the academic background, consideration for admission is also based on diversity and interest in one of the research fields of the Department. While not bound to it, please indicate in your application your field of interest and whether you are interested in experimental or theoretical work.

We usually do not offer Spring admission and all applications will be considered for fall admission, regardless of the time of submission. In rare circumstances, an exception can be made, and the applicant should contact us at the address reported below to request it before applying.