The Optics group is involved with studying, both theoretically and experimentally, different aspects of light propagation in the atmosphere, in the ocean, and in highly multiple scattering media such as tissue. This includes topics such as light scattering from turbulence and particulates, and the resulting light field in the atmosphere and ocean, correction of satellite images for atmospheric scattering, propagation of polarized light in the atmosphere and ocean. These topics are addressed through theoretical studies, numerical simulation, and direct measurement. The application of this work is in areas as diverse as image and signal transmission in the atmosphere and ocean, learning about the plant (phytoplankton) abundance in the ocean, and understanding the radiative impact of aerosols in the atmosphere. Support for this work comes from NSF, NASA, Navy, Air Force, NOAA, and other organizations.

Drs. Korotkova and Gleason 

Atmospheric and Ocean Optics Lab

Gleason Research