Accretion History of AGN III


DECEMBER 14-17, 2023

Venue:  Shalala Student Center, Senate Room, in the University of Miami Coral Gables


On the Growth of Black Holes Across Cosmic Time


This focused workshop addresses current observational efforts to measure the growth of supermassive black holes over the past 12 billion years, as measured from the light they emit. The observational constraints come from multiwavelength surveys, primarily at infrared, X-ray and optical wavelengths, comprising a “wedding cake” assortment of volumes (i.e., combinations of area and flux limit) spanning redshift-luminosity parameter space, especially GOODS/CANDELS, COSMOS and Stripe 82X. Topics will include luminosity functions, population synthesis models, black hole mass functions, spectral energy distributions, obscured and Compton-thick AGN, the X-ray background, observational signatures of early AGN, and AGN clustering.

Nico Cappelluti, Eilat Glikman, Allison Kirkpatrick, Stephanie LaMassa, Dave Sanders, Jane Turner, Meg Urry

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  • AHA Workshop Registration

    Accretion History of AGN III, AHA WORKSHOP

    University of Miami, 12/14/2023-12/17/2023 

    Registration fee:
    Regular $300
    Students $100
    Saturday Only $30


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    • If you have any questions regarding the registration process or the workshop in general, please send us an email at, or contact us by telephone at (305)-284-7120.
    • Refund Policy: In particular, if you change your mind about attending the conference, you can obtain a refund of your registration fee if your request to do so is received at least one week prior to the start of the meeting.
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  • Program and List of Participants



    List of Participants:

    1. Adi Foord, UMBC
    2. Aidan Kaminsky, University of Miami
    3. Alessandro Peca, University of Miami
    4. Andrealuna Pizzetti, Clemson University
    5. Asa Bluck, Florida International University
    6. Brandon Coleman, University of Kansas
    7. Connor Auge, University of Hawaii
    8. Dalibor Kocevski, Colby College
    9. Dan Stern, Caltech
    10. David Sanders, University of Hawaii
    11. Eric Perlman, FIT
    12. Erini Lambrides, NPP Fellow/NASA-Goddard
    13. Ezequiel Treister, Univ. Catolica
    14. Fabio Pacucci, Center for Astrophysics | Harvard & Smithsonian
    15. Francesca Civano, NASA - GSFC
    16. Giacomo Fragione, Northwestern University
    17. Giulia Cerini, University of Miami
    18. J. Andrew Casey-Clyde, University of Connecticut/Yale University
    19. Jane Turner, Eureka Scientific, Inc
    20. Jeyhan Kartaltepe, Rochester Institute of Technology
    21. Jonathan Cohn, Dartmouth College
    22. Jonathan Trump, UConn
    23. Joseph Sterling, University of Miami
    24. Kayla Spencer, University of Miami
    25. Kirpal Nandra, MPE
    26. Lea Marcotulli, Yale University
    27. Massimiliano Galeazzi, University of Miami
    28. Meg Urry, Yale University
    29. Meredith Powell, Leibniz-Institute for Astrophysics Potsdam (AIP)
    30. Michael Koss, Eureka Scientific
    31. Mislav Balokovic, Yale University
    32. Nico Cappelluti, University of Miami
    33. Núria Torres-Albà, Clemson University
    34. Paul Goubert, Florida International University 
    35. Peter Boorman, Caltech
    36. Rebeka Tamási Böttger, University of Miami
    37. Ross Silver, NASA GSFC
    38. Sasha Mintz, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech)
    39. Tonima Ananna, Wayne State University
    40. Umasree Thekkemadam, University of Miami
    41. Yarone Takoyer, Yale

  • Travel info

    The workshop will take place at the Shalala Student Center, Senate Room, in the University of Miami Coral Gables between December 14-17, 2023.

    From Miami International Airport:

    Take LeJeune Road south to Ponce De Leon Boulevard. Turn right on Ponce De Leon and travel about 1 mile to Stanford
    Drive, main entrance to UM. Stop at the entrance gate for directions to the Pavia Parking Garage or continue on, turning left from Stanford onto Levante Avenue, then right onto Pavia. The garage is on your left.

    From I-95 North:

    Head south on 95, which becomes U.S. 1 (South Dixie Highway). Stay on U.S. 1 for about 5 miles to the UM campus.
    Turn right on Stanford Drive, main entrance to UM. Stop at the entrance gate for directions to the Pavia Parking Garage or continue on, turn left from Stanford onto Levante Avenue, then right on Pavia. The garage is on your left.


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