Prof. Galeazzi leads NASA mission to study X-ray emissions from the Milky Way and outer space

Prof. Nico Cappelluti is Unlocking the Secrets to Dark Matter

Physics Professor Wins Air Force Grant
Prof. He Wang awarded Air Force Young Investigator research grant.
phy-bio-syed-baker phy-bio-syed-baker
Asst. Prof. Sheyum Syed leads a joint physics-biology effort to unravel the fundamental biology of color preference in animals
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BioNIUM Interview
Interview with Dr. Vivek Prakash


Physics is an integral scientific component of the liberal arts environment and contributes to the scholarly activities of the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Miami in a fundamental manner. As a department, our mission is to enhance the goals and ideals of the University by providing an incisive and enriching education for our students, by making lasting contributions at the forefront of human understanding, and by communicating the excitement of scientific discovery to our fellow citizens.
MIAMI 2020 Physics Conference
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AHA-Workshop 2nd Edition: University of Miami,
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The UM Astrophysics and Cosmology group uses radiation from outer space to study the evolution of the Universe and the structure of our Galaxy.

October 12, 2019
A Fun Day at the University of Miami celebrating the 500-year anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci Click here to register and learn more

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