Recent Graduates

A Physics degree prepares you for a wide variety of positions. Recent program graduates have gone to graduate schools including Princeton, MIT, and Stanford. Other paths are demonstrated by our 2008 graduates:

  • Zachary Epstein, currently working as an actuary
  • Jonathan Gumar, not known
  • Andrew Kirou, went to graduate school in Finance at either Carnigie Mellon or Courant (NYU).
  • Matthew Kornswiet, went to graduate school in Biomedical Engineering, University of California, Irvine.
  • Andrew Lenis, went to medical school, Case Western University
  • Andrew Martowski, went to medical school, University of Miami.
  • Alejandro Mantero, planning on attending graduate school in economics.
  • Yunior Savon, currently working in the Astrophysics lab at the University of Miami.