MIAMI 2019 Physics Conference


A topical conference on elementary particles, astrophysics, and cosmology with special sessions on machine learning and quantum computing sponsored by the Department of Physics and the College of Arts and Sciences, University of Miami

Thursday - Wednesday, 12 - 18 December

Lago Mar Resort, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Murray Gell-Mann (1929-2019)

Gravitational lensing 100 years after the Eddington experiment

To request a written invitation or additional information, send email to

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  • People

    Steering Committee:
    Diego Castano, Nova Southeastern University (outreach)
    Jo Ann Curtright, University of Miami (administrative assistant)
    Thomas Curtright, University of Miami (committee chairman)
    Sydney Meshkov, California Institute of Technology (gravitational waves/LIGO)
    Luca Mezincescu, University of Miami (new ideas/recent dev's)
    Stephan Mintz, Florida International University (neutrinos)
    Pierre Ramond, University of Florida (quantum information & computing)
    Session Organizers:
    Don Colladay, New College of Florida (testing Lorentz/CPT)
    Paul Frampton, Oxford (cosmology/black holes)
    Tom Kephart, Vanderbilt University (beyond standard model)
    Djordje Minic, Virginia Tech (string theory/quantum information & computing)
    Guenakh Mitselmakher, University of Florida (Tevatron/LHC)
    Rajamani Narayanan, Florida International University (progress in QCD)
    Cosmas Zachos, Argonne National Laboratory (new ideas/recent dev's)

  • Schedule

    Breakfast will be served daily from 8:00 to 10:00, Thursday through Tuesday, as indicated below, in the pre-conference area.
    Talks begin just before noon on Thursday, 12 December. Talk details will be available later.

    The standard time allotment for talks is 30 minutes = 25 for talk + 5 for Q&A.
    If you need to use a computer during the conference, several can be found here.
    To print a conference booklet, click here (after 10 December).

  • Abstracts

    Conference Abstracts

    1. Alshal-Hassan
    2. Anber-Mohamed
    3. Bandos-Filippov-Igor
    4. Barke-Simon
    5. Berera-Arjun
    6. Bourilkov-Dimitri
    7. Buniy-Roman
    8. Burdyuzha-Vladimir
    9. Chapline-George
    10. Chatterjee-Deep
    11. Colladay-Donald
    12. Culetu-Hristu
    13. Curtright-Jo-Ann
    14. Curtright-Thomas
    15. Edmonds-Douglas
    16. Escalier-Marc
    17. Evans-Charles
    18. Frampton-Paul
    19. Fronsdal-Christian
    20. Gleyzer-Sergei
    21. Hu-Yangrui
    22. Ignatius-Janne
    23. Kavic-Michael
    24. Kephart-Tom
    25. Lewis-Adam-Gabriel-Marcel
    26. Ludwick-Kevin
    27. Mannheim-Philip
    28. McCarty-Thomas
    29. Meshkov-Sydney
    30. Mezincescu-Luca
    31. Minic-Djordje
    32. Minkowski-Peter
    33. Mintz-Stephen
    34. Mittal-Monika
    35. Moffat-John
    36. Mukohyama-Shinji
    37. Nasuda-Yuta
    38. Norman-Jaime
    39. Norrick-Anne
    40. Obregon-Octavio
    41. Owen-David
    42. Poppitz-Erich
    43. Qu-Dongxue
    44. Ramond-Pierre
    45. Ristea-Catalin-Lucian
    46. Rodriguez-Leo
    47. Rodriguez-Shanshan
    48. Rojas-Francisco
    49. Schwarz-John
    50. Scuri-Fabrizio
    51. Seto-Osamu
    52. Shafi-Qaisar
    53. Shiozawa-Kenta
    54. Silva-Coutinho-Rafael
    55. Subedi-Sushil
    56. Sumida-Toshi
    57. Tamang-Kunal
    58. Thorn-Charles
    59. Van-Kortryk-Thomas
    60. Wan-Yidun
    61. White-Liam
    62. Yasuda-Osamu
    63. Zachos-Cosmas

  • Talks

    Miami 2019 talks will be available in due course.

  • Registration

    Registration is closed.

  • Hotel Reservations

    For registered conference participants there is a reduced room rate, but state and local taxes (13%) will be added to that rate.

    To make your reservation directly with the hotel, you may call 1-800-LAGOMAR (remember to tell the reservation desk you are a University of Miami physics conference participant).

    To make your reservation online, click here, and under More Options, enter the Group Code 1912UNIVER.

  • Travel

    Travel to Miami 2019:

    While both Miami International Airport (MIA) and Fort Lauderdale International Airport (FLL) serve the greater Miami area, we strongly recommend using FLL to attend Miami 2019 because it is much closer to the conference hotel.  A taxi from FLL to the resort should cost less than $20. 

    If you must fly into MIA, here is some taxi and limo information.  Alternatively, if you have plenty of time and patience, you may take Tri-Rail from MIA to Fort Lauderdale (for < $5 per person) and then a taxi to the hotel (for about $20).  This alternative is
    less expensive but usually more time-consuming (depending on traffic conditions!) than taking a taxi from MIA all the way to the hotel.  Of course, should you do this, remember to take into consideration the train schedule.

    The phone number and address of the hotel, the Lago Mar Resort, are given here.  No matter how you travel to the hotel, it might be helpful if you carry along a copy of this information.

    Note that parking at the hotel is complimentary, should you wish to rent a car for various purposes.

  • Map & Directions
  • Restaurants

    If you do not have transportation, the conference hotel restaurants are probably your best choice.

    But if you have transportation available, you might want to check out some of the eating establishments within a short drive.  Here is a map of some local restaurants not too far from the hotel.  (Pan and/or zoom to find particular restaurants.)

    A little farther away, Las Olas Blvd has several restaurants from which to choose.  And then there is always the very rustic, Rustic Inn Crabhouse (not to be confused with Joe's Stone Crab, of course ... that's a long drive).

    Good swill hunting!